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7 tips to select right images for your website

Last Updated : May 9th, 2018

Why do people like a website? The answer lies in its design. Websites rely on gorgeous photography to keep readers intrigued. Your images are what stand out on your website, so these need to reflect your cause in the best of ways. They are the first impression, which helps your visitors to be engaged. Be sure the images you choose reflect enhance the tone of your message. After all, most readers have a short attention span, and offering visual stimuli to break up the text and clarify the points in the article helps keep eyes on the site.

1. Quality:

Large, pixel-perfect, high-resolution images always work best. Obviously, it is your design concept that determines the size of the image, but its size needs to be enough for it to make an impact. Such images look impressive and display a professional approach towards Web design.

2. Brand Relevance:

Your images must be relevant to your brand identity. If a brand’s selling branded clothes for kids, the images must exude chubby and pretty babies with their brand dress. Visitors are left in doubt as to the brand’s purpose, purely because of its images. They do the talking for the brand.

3. Make sure the people look real:

Photographing your own team is always a great idea if it’s possible. However, you may not have the budget for a custom shoot, or you may not have the set-up to make it ideal. But if you turn to stock and royalty free photographs to represent either your own business or your clients, make sure you are realistic.

4. Beware of subjects smiling at the camera:

Another way to help make things look a little more “real” is to avoid photos where the people are looking at, and smiling at, the camera. Once they start mugging for the camera, it takes away from the idea that you’ve caught them acting natural.

5. Uniqueness:

Is your image one of a kind? Show people that the content you provide is meaningful and unique. As tempting as it may be, steer clear of highly accessible freebie sites. What’s free and easy for you is also free and easy for everyone else. By picking a unique image from a microstock site, you show your followers that you’re taking the time to get great images. You can take it one step further by customizing it with Photoshop or other design tools to make it truly unique.

6. Capture the feeling:

This comes especially when it comes to call-to-action. Your main focus should be on conveying the right feeling. You’re trying to connect with the person on the other side of that screen, and the quickest way to earn their interest and, more crucially, their trust is through their heart.

7. Make sure images are scaled correctly:

There is nothing sillier than looking at a photo on a website and having it look like the people are standing in front of a fun house mirror. Sometimes, when adding a photo to a design layout there may be a predetermined size and ratio that the photo must be. If it does not fit that size and shape it is either cropped or scaled to fit. If you are working on specific sizes like this, make sure you size and crop outside of your web site’s CMS for the best results.

I think I covered the basic and best tips for selecting images for your websites. If we missed out anything pls comment below.

Ranjith Baskaran
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