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11 KeySkills to become a ProBlogger within 21days

Last Updated : May 20th, 2018

So do you think you can become a Pro-Blogger in 21-days //?

How to become a Profitable Blogger in 21-days.Crispy Video of my latest article…#Blogger

Posted by Ranjith Baskaran on 20 मे 2018

Before that Let me clarify what actually Pro-Blogger term was? It’s not Professional Blogger, Its Profitable Blogger.

Yes. But be clear about the term “Profit”. This term has not a standard value. Am I boring you //? Cool…

LET me come to the point. To achieve in Pro-Blogging, let’s assume blogging as a game more than as a business.

Every Level has 21-days (30days). You can take remaining days off. (Haha)

But the Level has to be continued. It’s your game buddy. There are several stages in the Pro-Blogging game.

Now coming back … Why I mentioned 21-days //? It’s a Psychological fact buddy. What-ever new thing we practice doing in our daily routine we become a master level of at least 7% in 21days.

Then if you do it consistently by Learning, Implementing & marketing consistently. You can achieve your financial goal in 70days possibly. I mean you can see a consistent income like 1000$/month if you are skilled with the things mentioned below & if you follow the 21-Day game plan (I will write a specific article about the 21day game plan on another article)

Shall we get into the topic…

11 KeySkills to become a ProBlogger in 21-days

My friend no one is born with any of these key-Skills, So don’t underLeverage the power of you pls… 

1. Mindset Tuning :

This sounds crazy but you know, To succeed in any business you need to implement 20-80 Rule. I mean 20% of your skillSet. My friend you can hire a pro in any kind of platforms like Fiverr, Guru ., But to transform your ideas your mindset is the most important tool.

Now Tell me something. Have you ever thought of a big idea in which you can have a skyrocketing energy? But maybe after a sleep / discussing those ideas with our friends, sometimes the energy will be shattered.

How to channelize those shattered energies?

Very simple. We become what we think about, says Earl Nightingale. Listen to this strangest secret of this world. I had this on my music list. I listen to it daily before to bed to channelize my energy …

2. Self-Learning:

My friend, only you can teach yourself in a better way. Always my advice is to choose a right mentor for your success path. But don’t wait for spoon feed. Learn by yourself.

Improvize yourself day by day. There are a lot of struggles waiting for you my friend. Accept the challenges that you face. Give them a back-hit by practice…

3. WordPress Basics :

WordPress is the best Blogging platform. So you need to Learn WordPress if you wanna become a professional blogger. Just 2days is more than enough to learn WordPress. I’m not asking you to be an expert. Just learn WordPress to manage your blog post. Install it with a Professional Blogging template. Hire a web developer from Fiverr for customizing it. If you are an expert then you can move.

Then go ahead with some essential WordPress plugins to manage & secure your site.

4. Copywriting Skills :

Practice makes a man perfect. That’s all I can say to enhance your copywriting skill.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Follow minimum 10 authority blogs relevant to your blog & gain more knowledge.

Today, copywriting is a vast industry. Writers are only one part of the composite marketing force that successful copywriting requires.

10 Amazing Tips To Write Your First Outstanding Blog Post In 3hrs

5. Content Marketing :

CMI’s definition of content marketing gives you a sense of the industry’s breadth:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

In this digital era, you can promote your content in many methods. Some of them are I’m listing below

-> Social Media Marketing

-> Email Marketing  (Learn how to build your Email List for FREE)

-> Messenger Marketing

-> Youtube Marketing

-> Instagram Live Marketing

-> FB Live Marketing

I’ve just included some organic & easy ways to promote your blog post. Click here to learn more about content marketing.

6. Basic Design Knowlege:

I don’t suggest you be an expert in photoshop. Just use a cool tool called Canva.

All you need to know is how to select the right image for your blog post.

Some basic Image resizing techniques, Handling the templates & customizing it…

That’s the end of the game.

7. Building your Digital Tribe :

This is the most important skill.

Provide a Lead Magnet. It may be an E-Book / Webinar / Drip Marketing Lessons.

Push them into Whatsapp group / Snapchat / Private FB group. Weekly once provide 15-20mts in AMA(Ask Me Anything) session. Interact with each one & teach them basics commonly.

Once we build our tribe, We can automate all these with Blogging automation tools.

8. Video Marketing :

In this competitive era, You have to start doing videos to market yourself first.

No more Hide & Seek. You cant hide behind the wall & say that you are a pro-Blogger.

By doing videos we can virtually connect with our audience & we can progressively complete the pre-sales phase.

Even while you sleep you may be communicating with someone else.

In Manychat, an FB bot messenger you can frame some sequence messages for a specific keyword.

Click here to know about the importance of Facebook Live

9. Email Marketing :

This comes by practice only… I strongly suggest you pick up this free email marketing course.

Taken up the 4 thumb rules from another source. Have a look.

10. Market Research Skills:

Simply understand the pain point of the audience & deliver what they really looking for. Use some pro tools like Long Tail Pro

Always learn things with curiosity. Be customer focussed, Not on method focussed.

Have the raw data & compare the analytics. However, the key is to make sense of that data and convert it into actionable insights and trends for your audience to monetize your blog. Ultimately, everything should tie back to the business goals.

11. SalesManship Skills :

I can complete this with one mantra “Sell without Selling”.

Assume that a Blogger directly selling a product over emails instantly. Do you think people won’t hit the unsubscribe button?

Absolutely yes. So Let’s understand the basic difference between sales & marketing.

Marketing is what transforming the emotions to the customers. Sales is just one-step ahead by insisting to feel them the emotion via our product/ service.



Ranjith Baskaran
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  1. Hi Ranjith,

    Great Content, You have covered all most important aspect of Blogging in 11 steps. I would like to see more content like this in future. keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Vipin,
      Thanks a lot for spending your time on my blog post. Sure you can see more contents in future.

  2. Very nicely designed Blog man. Keep it rocking and keep us updated on similar topics and matters. Till or next IC Meeting on Thursdays. Take care

  3. Valuable tips for blogging. Content with images, videos and written form of content would capture all kind of learners. Content with quotes is another aspect in this blog to capture readers. Overall, all it’s informative in a exciting manner.

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