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5 Reasons Why wordpress is the best blogging platform

Last Updated : May 13th, 2018

When WordPress was founded it was just a blogging platform to the persons who want to drive their blog in a hassle-free method. But later slowly all the middle-level corporates started using WordPress for their business website. And now almost 21% of the Websites are running on WordPress platform and now apart from blogging WordPress is rocking in all sectors.

WordPress is a free and open-source technology. There are a lot of developers working on the community & there are plenty of free & Professional WordPress templates which are completely customizable for all kind of business.

Let’s come back to the topic…

Why is WordPress the best Blogging Platform?

When I was working on a private concern, I created an account in and started blogging. But it has a lot of limitations. Yes… It’s not a complete website. You were given just a web page on their WordPress website. You may be terminated any time. You can’t view any analytics for your blog as it is not a self-hosted website.

Then I started learning Web designing in WordPress. In the beginning, I will just edit & customize the template. Now we are creating our own products in WordPress & Joomla and selling in the marketplace. Also, I suggest all my clients go with WordPress as it is easy to maintain & SEO Friendly. You can view our list of Professional Joomla Web templates here. In WordPress, You will be the king as you have a completed control over it. You can track the people who visit your website using Google analytics & build your audience slowly. So I hardly recommend a self-hosted WordPress website for personal blogging.

So here are the 5 top reasons why WordPress is the best Blogging platform…

=> 1. WordPress is Free and User-Friendly:

As a newbie, we need the platform to be user-friendly right? Then WordPress is the best for your blog. So that you can spend time on blogging rather than HTML, CSS and those coding stuff. You can learn WordPress easily without having coding knowledge.

“ Not everyone can become an expert in coding…
But anyone from any profession can become a Blogger ”

Yes. Because when your blog is hosted on WordPress, You can easily manage it just by spending your valuable time to post quality articles.

So all you have to do is purchase a domain from a Domain seller & go for the best WordPress hosting provider. In this case, I strongly recommend Hostgator who is the pioneer and best in Web hosting and similar services. So WordPress is Easy.

=> 2. WordPress is Professional and Easy:

“Wordpress is Professional” doesn’t mean that it is only for professional bloggers. As I said above, nowadays most of the Startup’s, Middle-level corporates are using WordPress for business websites. So WordPress is getting professional every day with plenty of features.

I mentioned Professional because rather than just an open-source WordPress has a large community of developers & professionals who develop plugins, professional templates for blogging and all business sectors.

I know a lot of friends who started using WordPress just for Blogging and started developing their own products in WP (WP stands for WordPress) later. You can also start selling your own WordPress plugins if you are a code geek.

=> 3. WordPress supports Multimedia:

This feature is highlighted for the non-tech Bloggers. For example, if some Financial consultant wants to start blogging about Financial Investment, Investment Planning and that stuff, really those kinds of niche blogs has high monetary value than others.

As WordPress is incorporated with a default Media Library than other CMS, You can easily manage your media with the awesome interface. You need zero tech knowledge, rather a basic computer skill is enough.

Also, there are plenty of additional plugins to manage your WordPress media library. Some are used for Performance optimization & some other comes with some value added function.

=> 4. WordPress has a Plenty of Pro Features:

Although WordPress was started as a blogging platform, Later a lot of users started using it including for Business websites, online magazines and many. And also WordPress has a large community of developers and so you can have many free and professional extensions which lead WordPress to extend its digital arena for customers.

Professional WordPress templates for Blogging 

Not only templates, WordPress has a plenty of extensions for E-commerce and other popular categories like the Business directory where you can start your online business in few minutes.

=> 5. WordPress is SEO Friendly:

     “ A Website without SEO updates is like  A Car without Fuel ”

This is the primary reason that why I prefer (Actually not only me) WordPress for Blogging.

Yes, we are bloggers, Not Web developers. So as a blogger you need to rank your web-page for the targeted keywords… Right? Then WordPress is the best choice for Blogging as you can do it with code-free knowledge.

WordPress has a popular plugin called Yoast SEO. You can easily customize it and handle all on-page SEO stuffs like Google Webmaster, Google Analytics & Meta description, and all basic things.

I think I covered all the top 5 facts that Why we must use WordPress for Blogging. If you still think there is a valid point pls comment below. Sharing is Caring!!

Ranjith Baskaran
Progressive and open-minded Business professional with over 10+ years of experience in Digital media & Outsourcing Industries. Professional Blogger & Passionated over Startup Eco-System & Digital Branding...

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